Lash Aftercare

To help you get the most from your lash extensions you need to look after them, not only to keep the extensions looking their best for longer but to also maintain the health of your natural lashes. To help you care for your lashes we are giving you our most important tips however with that being said please make sure you follow the advise your lash technician gives you as that may have been personalised to suit your individual needs.

-Make sure that you leave your lashes alone for the first 24 hours, especially avoiding getting them wet. This is to make sure the glue has fully cured/set. 

-Avoid the use of saunas, steam rooms and sunbeds, especially for the next 48hours.

-You mustn't tint, perm or curl your lashes when wearing extensions. Firstly you will not get the correct result of those treatments if you already have lashes on but they will also damage the extensions and cause the glue to break down.

-Avoid using waterproof mascaras and oil based mascaras as they contain chemical properties that will also cause the glue to break down.

-Use a clean lash/mascara wand to brush through your lashes daily.

-Rubbing the eye area can cause the lash extensions to break away from the natural lash.

-Make sure you are using a lash shampoo to keep both your natural lashes and the extensions clean.

-Have regular infill appointments not only to keep your lashes looking fuller but so your lash technician can maintain the health of your lashes. 

Lash Facts

Did you know the average person has roughly between 90-120 lashes? Some lucky people even have more than that! Yet unfortunately just like the hair on our head, our lashes shed daily. In fact we shed roughly 2-4 lashes per day per eye! Meaning that after a week you would have lost roughly 21 lashes, by week two roughly 42 lashes and by week 3 you would have shed about 63 lashes! This explains why regular lash infills are required to maintain a healthy full set of lash extensions and how important it is that you have them removed professionally as the last thing anyone wants is even more natural lashes being gone.


We are often asked how long clients should wait before returning for another appointment so we thought we would share with you all what we advise.


-Lash & Brow tints are should be done between every 3-5 weeks depending on the individual.

-Lvl lashes are due to be redone every 4 weeks to keep the desired look.

-Lash infills are advised to be carried out between every 2-3 weeks however some clients like to come weekly for a shorter appointment to make sure their lashes are always looking their best but we strongly advise clients don't go longer than 3 weeks with their infill appointments as this may compromise the health their natural lashes. We also strongly suggest that clients have their lashes removed and a new set applied every 3-4 months.

-When it comes to facial waxing clients should wait between 3-5 weeks for their next appointment however this may vary to the individual.

Lash Cleaning

Now we all already know how important it is to clean our lashes and how it is so strongly advised that we should use a professional lash shampoo not only because they are designed perfectly to match the lash products but because unlike ordinary face or eye washes we can guarantee they don't contain any chemicals that will effect the lash extensions yet with that all being said a large majority of people wearing lash extensions still don't know how to correctly clean them so we thought we would teach you the steps.

Firstly its vital that you have the correct tools, if you don't already have them you can pop into the salon and purchase what your missing. 

You will need lash shampoo, a lash cleansing wand and a clean lash/mascara brush. 

The first step is to take your lash cleansing brush and use it to gently massage the lash shampoo into the lashes in small circular motions. You will then need to pat them dry using a lint free pad or even kitchen roll. Finally using your mascara wand gently comb through your lashes. Voila, you now have nice clean lashes. 




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