When booking any appointment at Salon 1THIRTY4 you are agreeing to the terms & conditions stated below. 

Our booking terms & conditions.

1. All appointments made with us are carried out at Salon 1THIRTY4 located on Uckfield High Street.

2. Salon 1THIRTY4 may request a NON-REFUNDABLE booking fee for your appointment, this booking fee will be deducted from your final bill at checkout & can be moved to a rearranged appointment time as long as the required 48hours notice is provided.

3. We require 48 hours notice to reschedule or cancel any bookings, failure to do so will result in a 50% cancellation fee, no more bookings will be made until this cancellation fee is paid. Please note any booking fees you have made will always be used towards the cancellation fee.

4. Booking quotes / costs are subject to change if the service selected when booking doesn't cohere with the service being carried out during the appointment time. The cost may also alter if additional time or products are being used (this will always be discussed at the start of your treatment) 

5. Salon 1THIRTY4 takes no responsibility for any treatment issues if the correct aftercare is not being followed. 

6. The staff within Salon 1THIRTY4 have the right to refuse to carry out any treatment for any reasons. 


Repairs & Corrections.

1. Salon 1THIRTY4 do not offer any refunds after a treatment has been carried out only correction appointments if needed.

2. If you have any concerns with the results of your treatments you have had with Salon 1THIRTY4 you must contact the salon immediately.

3. For any nail breakages that occur please ensure you book a repair appointment, these appointments are complimentary if the breakage is within 5 days of your appointment however any thing over this time frame or if visible trauma can be seen from our technicians a £2.50 repair charge will occur.

4. For any hair extensions that may come loose within the first 14 days of your appointment please contact the salon so our stylist can refits these fat your earliest convince, a refit appointment charge may be required over this time frame or if visible trauma is present.

5. If you experience excessive shredding of lash extensions within the first 5 days of your appointment please contact the salon for a repair appointment, this will be complimentary unless the aftercare isn't being followed correctly or if there is visible trauma, anything over the 5 day period will also require a repair charge.

6.Salon 1THIRTY4 takes no responsibility for the results of a treatment after you have left the salon, it is the clients responsibility to ensure the correct aftercare and up keep of their treatment is being maintained for the best results. 




Nail Aftercare

1.Salon 1THIRTY4 does not recommend going longer than 3weeks between nail appointments when wearing nail products. 

 2. Avoid surface tapping when wearing acrylic or gel extensions (this creates stress fractures) 

 3. Do not pick, bite or place your nails in your mouth at any point. 

4. Refrain from placing tools under the free edge when trying to ‘clean’ your nails, this can lead to damaging your hyponchium. 

5. Always wear gloves when exposing your hands to chemical products (cleaning solutions etc) or when gardening .

6. Ensure you are using a cuticle oil twice a day, especially when wearing nail products. 



Hair Aftercare

1.Salon 1THIRTY4 recommends having regular appointments every 6-8 weeks to maintain any cut & colouring services you have had with us.

2. Bonding treatments are advised for all coloring services to help maintain the health of your hair.  (aka Magnet or Olaplex)

3. Salon 1THIRT4 recommends the use of professional grade hair products to maintain the results of your  treatments with us. Professional grade shampoos, conditions, treatments & styling products  can be purchased from within the salon. 

4. Hair care treatments are advised every 4-6 weeks to help maintain the health of your hair from every day life & styling. 

5. Hair extensions clients will be individually ptold how often they should return for maintance/refit appointments to maintain the health of your natural hair. Salon 1THIRTY4 requires you to follow this advice or book a removal of your extensions. 

6. Salon 1THIRTY4 does not advise self removals of extensions or self colouring of hair. If you have carried out an at home removal or colour treatment please inform your stylist prior to your treatment with us. 

7. Salon 1THIRTY4 have the right to request doing a strand test on a clients hair prior to any appointments especially if you request a large colour change. 



Beauty Aftercare

1. .Salon 1THIRTY4 does not recommend going longer than 3 weeks between lash extension maintance appointments. 

2. Maintance appointments are advised to be carried out every 2/3 weeks.

 4. We strickly suggest no rubbing, pulling or picking of lash extensions.

5. Please ensure you are regularly cleaning & brushing any lash extensions (lash shampoo can be purchased from the salon)

6.  Brow shaping appointments are advised every 4-6 weeks 

7. We advise avoiding self plucking of eyebrows between appointments to avoid misshaping of brows. 

8. Tinting appointments are advised every 4-8 weeks.  

 9. Salon 1THIRTY4 strongly advise against the use of sunbeds & purfume based products for at least 24hours after any waxing or threading appointments.

10. We advise not to shave or pluck any hairs between body waxing appointments.

11. To achieve the maximum results from any facials we suggest having appointments monthly & following the personalised aftercare given by your therapist after your treatment.