Sometimes it can be hard to know how long you should leave your hair till your next appointment, so our hair girls have put together a little bit of info to help you all out. 

When it comes to cutting you should be having regular appointments, every 6-8 weeks to keep your hair healthy, unless you have short styled hair you may need to come every 4-6 weeks to keep that style sharp. 

Colouring appointments can differ depending on your desired look. If you usually have highlights we recommend regular highlight appointments every 5-6 weeks switching between full head and half head highlight appointments. If you prefer your hair to have an ashy blonde tone it's recommended you come in half way between your appointments to have a toner and a blow dry to refresh your hair and keep the brassy tones out. It's also a good idea to purchase one of our purple shampoos and use this once a week.

If you have a root tint or semi permanent colour your appointments should be made every 6 weeks however for balayage your appointments can be stretched to 6-8 weeks.

We strongly recommend having a Bondpro treatment when having any colouring services as it's the perfect treatment to help repair and nourish the hair bonds. Regular conditioning treatments are also vital, it's always a good idea to pop into the salon and have a conditioning treatment and a blow dry in between your colouring and cutting appointments. You can also purchase professional conditioning treatments from the salon's shop floor to take home with you and use weekly to give your hair that extra moisture its missing. 

Hair Tips

Just a few cheeky tips from our stylist's...

--Never use a curling iron or a flat iron on damp or wet hair, like never ever.

-If you have coloured hair it's important to wash it in cooler water rather than hot water, this is because hot water opens your hair cuticles making the colour wash out faster.

-If you over wash your hair it can lead to dryness causing split end. Make sure you are using a professional product rather than a supermarket brand, you will notice a massive difference when you use sulphate, paraben and silicone free products. You spend good money to get your hair coloured, don't ruin it with cheap products.




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