To keep your nails healthy our advice is..

When having gel polish, we advise you have it removed and reapplied every 2-3 weeks with a manicure every 4 months.

With acrylic/gel nails we advise infills every 2-3 weeks with a manicure every 4 months. 

If you are wanting your gel nails or acrylic/gel removed we strongly advise you get this done professionally as picking, biting or removing the product yourself can often lead to damaging the nail plate.

If you do not wish to have any strengthening treatment applied to your nails we advice you have regular manicures every 4-6 weeks.

When it comes to gel toes you can go 4-5 weeks before you have them redone and recommenced a pedicure at least two times a year.

MMA Acrylic

MMA acrylic (methyl methacrylate) is a product actually used by dentist to create crowns and bridges & used by orthopaedic surgeons as bone cement during joint replacement procedures.

Scary fact is a large amount of non standard salons use MMA within their nail products due to it being a less expensive product than ethyl methacrylate (the safer and correct product to use) regardless of the well known facts on how dangerous it can be to the nail plate or near the skin. As you can tell due to its correct purpose, MMA is an extremely strong product and is far too hard to use on the nail plate. Nails with MMA products on top can break and tear off completely if banged or caught causing crazy amounts of pain and damage, never mind the amount of damage caused during the prep procedure before applying MMA as such a severe etched grove is needed on the nail (meaning technicians seriously over file clients nails) for the product to adhere. 

The only way you are going to be able to tell if nail technicians are using MMA products is to ask, if they aren't they will more than happily show you what liquid monomer they are using, if they are they would of more than likely decanted it into a different bottle so clients are unable to see what products are being used. 

Its better to be safer than sorry!

What is gel?

Gel is a very similar nail product to acrylic however it is in a gel like format and cures under a uv or led light. There are 3 types of gel formats available, the original 'hard gel' which appears more of a runny consistency and is used to create enhancements and strengthening of the natural nail plate. Then there is Bubblegum gel also known as future gel which format is still sticky but a lot less runny, appearing more 'bubble gummy' which is also used to create nail enhancements. Finally we have our third gel option which is gel polish, known by many as 'Shellac' however shellac is actually a brand of gel polish. Gel polish can be applied on top of enchantments or to a natural nail giving a slight bit of extra strength and a lovely glossy colour that last for 2-3 weeks.

What's the difference between gel and acrylic?

Well other than the format they come in there isn't a huge amount of difference. Gel is an odourless and a more flexible product however this doesn't mean a gel product isn't as strong or that it won't last as gel products can withstand great 

pressure and can actually be less likely to crack than acrylics. Also due to the level of flexibility gel products have they are likely to cause less trauma to the nail plate if they break when pushed past their stretching point. 

Cuticle oil

Regardless of what you wear on your nails EVERYBODY should be using a cuticle oil daily. 

Our cuticles naturally dry out when over exposed to cold weather, chlorination, salty/soapy water or the sun. This can lead to cracking and breakages. Dried out cuticles and nails can result in the nail plate becoming brittle or flakey leading the nail plate to break or split. Regular use of cuticle oil will help prevent this due to the variety of oils within cuticle oil varying in molecular size. The smaller molecules will penetrate between the nail layers allowing the oil to go deeper into the nail plate which will condition and soften the nail. Whereas the larger molecules stay closer to the surface to condition the upper layers of the nail plate. 

Not only will using cuticle oil keep the nails and cuticles well hydrated it will also help any products that have been applied onto of the nail plate from drying out and cracking. 

You can purchase cuticle oils at your next appointments at the salon, our girls have managed to get their hands on the most beautiful smelling cuticle oils, perfect for those who are on the go.

"Gel Powder"

First of all, THERE IS NO SUCH THING! The so called "gel powder" is advertised by non standard salons to put it bluntly, just to get more money out of you. Any type of nail treatment which comes in the format of a powder preformed by a brush that is dipped into liquid (monomer) is actually an acrylic. Yep thats right, they are actually giving you a full set of acrylic but charging you more. Why? Well when the wonderful little product called 'gel' came about everyone was falsely advised that it was better for their nails, (which infact acrylic and gels are perfectly safe for the nail plate) Therefore certain salons decided to rebrand their services claiming to give clients 'Gel' nails and charging them more. As you can see by the pictures below gel products actually come in a gel consistency. 

Knowledge is key girls, if its a powder is an acrylic if its in a gel like format then its gel. 




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