-If you are unsure of what treatment you require please contact the salon before booking, if your appointment is incorrectly booked we may not have the correct amount of time to carry out the service you require. 

-All services that display a * require a patch test 48 hours in advance, failure to do so will result in the appointment being rescheduled.

-There are minimum age requirements of 16 years to be able to have gel or acrylic based treatments.



























FROM 20p



Shape & polish U13: 

Shape, cuticles & polish:

Gel polish: 

*applied on natural nails lasting 2-3 weeks.

Milkbath manicure: 

*includes scrub, shape, massage & polish.

Milkbath gel manicure:  

*includes scrub, shape, massage & polish.


Gel polish toes:

Milkbath pedicure:

*includes scrub, shape, massage & polish.

Milkbath gel pedicure:

*includes scrub, shape, massage & gel polish.

Luxury gel pedicure:

*includes callus peel removal (hard skin treatment) scrub, shape, massage, gel polish & parafin wax treatment

Nail extensions

Acrylic full set with gel polish: 

Acrylic infills with gel polish:  

Acrylic design set: 

Acrylic re-design set: 

Gel extensions full set: 

Gel infills with gel polish: 

Additional length or nail art

​Removals & extras​

Gel polish removal: 

*free of charge with another nail service.

Extension removals:  

*half price with another nail service.

Nail crystals: 

Parafin Wax: